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Puerto Rico's
DLT Ecosystem



PRBA’s mission is to accelerate Puerto Rico’s DLT ecosystem by providing guidance and resources to early-stage founders using blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies, to create more efficient and participatory systems.

Our program is built around regular review and feedback sessions, mentor interactions, and hands-on assistance with all aspects of the business, including product architecture and design, business development, and fundraising. If relocating to Puerto Rico, we help navigate the physical, legal, and tax logistics. Beyond our in-house team, we have a dedicated community of founders, mentors, networks, investors, and corporate partners who are excited to collaborate with early-stage founders.


Our relationship doesn’t just end after the program, and our alumni have continuing access our network. All this is cost free and equity free – what we ask for is an option to invest into projects that are looking to raise funds to accelerate their growth, ensuring that our interests are aligned with those of our founders and remain so over the long term.




Our team has a long track record of helping companies, from F500 to pre-seed startups, bring disruptive new products and services to market. Alongside our mentor network, we play an active role in the success of our cohort companies.

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